Local Natives

Check out Local Natives.  Their album “Gorilla Manor” is really fantastic.  We saw them open for Arcade Fire, it was really nice.  Didn’t know much about them before that.  But, they’re great.  Watch these videos for their songs called “Airplane” and “Who Knows Who Cares”.


Jejune Stars

Bright Eyes on Letterman

When I’m Small

Video for “When I’m Small” by Phantogram.

You Are a Tourist

This post features the latest from Death Cab for Cutie.  It is a video that is unique in concept.  The video for You Are a Tourist was shot live and streamed to the world wide web simultaneously.  So pretty much just a jazzed up live performance filmed to look like a music video.  But it’s great nonetheless.  The video required a great deal of coordination and skill from all who participated.  The video looks great for just being done in one take.  Hope you enjoy.  The new Death Cab disc will be available legally May 31st and illegally probably much sooner than that.

Grown Ocean

Couldn’t help but post yet another amazing song from the upcoming album by Fleet Foxes.  This song goes by the name of “Grown Ocean”.  Look for it on their upcoming disc “Helplessness Blues” due out May 3rd.  Above is the album cover.

Our revival!

This post is dedicated to Andrea and Pat, who have inspired us today.  We hope to meet over crepes very soon .  It has been a while since we last posted and for that we apologize.  Those who control our virtual fate by owning web hosting sites decided that they had had enough of our superior music knowledge and ended our relationship without notice.  But like so many revolutions in the world we will not be quieted.  As of today we are back where we started and will continue to share our love with music with any who listen.  The year 2011 is looking to be a great one, as far as music is concerned.  So many new albums and live shows to enjoy.  Tonight, I want to share with you a few songs from the upcoming Fleet Foxes album that will be released on May 3.  One of the songs, titled Helplessness Blues, could be my favorite song of theirs and makes me dream of a life with a deeper meaning.  Stay tuned because we will be unloading new posts as quick as we can.  

The Wildlife

I discovered The Wildlife from a podcast I downloaded from iTunes a little over a year ago.  The first song I heard was “Lemon.”  I enjoyed it so much that I bought their album “Sweet Plastic” and I’ve been loving it ever since.  Members of The Wildlife come from California’s Bay Area.  And it was while each member was performing their own material in the countless open mic nights around San Francisco that they decided to create music together.  I once read on an other music blog that, “The Wildlife promotes a distinct sound that can only loosely be classified as “electro indie soul meets classic rock meets competitive sport”. This band will turn you on and lift you up.”  Below is their video “Burning Plastic Man” and their song “Lemon”.  Give it a listen.