Hotel Lights

Hotel Lights is a Brooklyn based folk-rock group established by a fine gentleman named Darren Jessee.  The name Darren Jessee is most likely not known by many. He was the drummer for the ever so sensational pop band Ben Folds Five.  After Ben Folds Five disbanded Darren Jessee took it upon himself to start Hotel Lights.  Here at the Music Scientists blog we are ever so pleased he did so.  Hotel Lights is numbered amongst our favorite modern folk-rock bands.  (We also love Ben Folds too.)  We’ve been throughly enjoying and supporting Hotel Lights since there initial debut in 2005 of their self titled album “Hotel Lights”.  Most recently they released “Firecracker People” in 2008.  Check out these songs and see if you like ’em. Lets us know what you think.  The first song is from their 2005 disc, “A.M. Slow Golden Hit”.  The latter is off of  their 2008 “Firecracker People” disc.  The song is entitled “Blue Always Finds Me”.  Leave us your thoughts. Hate it? Love it? Leave a comment.

    • JamesL
    • January 2nd, 2010

    love it. really like “blue always finds me” song.

      • folkrocklegend
      • January 15th, 2010

      Thanks man. I really love that song too. I wish we could throw the whole album up here. Its all worth a listen.

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