Melpo Mene

Melpo Mene, another swedish gem. Melpo Mene is Erik Mattiasson from Stockholm, Sweden. The group is named after the Greek muse of song and tragedy. The name, Melpo Mene, fits Mattiasson perfectly seeing as he is a gifted musician and his life has been full of tragedy. When he was only a child his mother died at the young age of 32. As a child he was often bullied. On one occasion a bully burnt his house to the ground leaving he and his family homeless. Mattiasson had to quit school and work as a paper boy to help supplement his family’s income. During his time away from school he would spend his free time in the small public library reading about Greek literature.
At the age of 22, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and around that time he began writing music and formed his band Melpo Mene. Due to his schizophrenia and new-found fame and the stress associated with it he attempted to commit suicide. However, because of a carefully planned intervention by his band mates and family he is still living. And thankfully so, because we enjoy his lighthearted, easy to listen to music. Melpo Mene is truly a gem. We hope you enjoy his music as we do.

Melpo Mene covers MGMT’S “Kids”

    • lisa
    • November 11th, 2009

    that acoustic holes song was really good i enjoyed it and then it was cute he have her a kiss at the end!

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