The Mostar Diving Club

Another excellent European musician. Im noticing a trend here in my music tastes. Im ok with that. The Mostar Divng Club is Damian Katkhuda’s solo project. The album “Don Your Suit of Lights” was written in a very peaceful and tranquil area in the south of France. And the tranquility of the area is reflected in the album itself. His influences include The Arcade Fire, Nick Drake, Bon Iver, James Taylor, Radiohead, MGMT and many more. The name, The Mostar Diving Club is taken from a town in Bosnia, where his fathers family hail from; as a right of passage into adulthood, young men dive from an old bridge into a very shallow river below, a distance of some thirty meters, get it wrong and you are in serious trouble. Having made several trips to this part of the world, both before and after the war he has met with the divers and seen them do their stuff. In my opinion, this album is almost charming and sometimes a little quirky. I hope you enjoy Damians easy to listen to voice and the beautiful melodies he puts together throughout the entire album. Check out my favorite song is his called “Vagabonds and Clowns”

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